Monday, August 3, 2015

Sight Words The, See, At, My, and Me

Playful Words: Our Sight Word of the Week Activities for Preschoolers

Our preschoolers have learned letters and their sounds - yay! Now we are going for a sight word of the week. That's a nice, easy, and playful opportunity for them to review letters in a meaningful way, and get introduced to reading and spelling. Letter of the week activities can be found here: Creative ABCs.

Sight Word See

We had read a pirate book: Our Top Ten Pirate Books for Preschoolers. After talking about storms at sea, unbelievable happened! Kids got the next book to read, but there were no words or pictures in those books! All they could find were the blank pages - oh, no!

The hurricane went through and blew all the words and pictures out of the book!

How could we fix the books so that we could SEE something interesting on the pages? We named the book "SEE" and reviewed the letters in the word "see". Than we used letter and animal stamps to fill the pages again. Kids loved this little activity.

Sight Word The

We built a castle with Mega Bloks. First, we reviewed the letter names in the word "the". Then each kid got 3 single blocks with letters and one long block for the base.

The next step was to increase the difficulty level. A child gets 2 sets of blocks to build 2 castles: one red and one blue. The colors of the letters do not match the colors of the blocks.

The final step: build a super castle from 4 sets of blocks. This activity was great for introduction to spelling and as a sorting and matching activity.

Sight Word At

Kids were to use toys and their bodies to form "AT" on the carpet. "AT" was outlined using pink painter's tape.

Sight Words My and Me

Kids loved the invitation to describe "My Mom" and "Me" using play dough. The garlic press to make hair was a hit! See these activities here: Sight Words My and Me. Play Dough: Describing My Mom and Me.

Sight Words The, See, At, My, and Me were so much fun! What's your favorite sight words activity?

Sight Words Can, Look: Dinosaurs: Sight Words Can and Look.
Our introduction to a sentence can be found here: Preschool Games for Sentence Structure.

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