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Dinosaurs: Sight Words Can and Look

Dinosaur Activities for Preschoolers

We observed dinosaurs and found some exciting characteristics of each, played with dinosaurs and reviewed herbivore - carnivore, built some dinosaurs and played with sight words "look" and "can". Our previous sight words activities can be found here: Sight Words The, See, At, My, and Me.

Sight Word Can. Invitation to Build Sentences and Herbivore - Carnivore Review.

To set up a tray we used:
bottle caps with letters "c", "n", and "a", three of each,
three dinosaur cards "eat meat", "eat fish", and "eat plants".

Kids were to build words "can" and to build a sentence while "travelling" through each card:

T-Rex can eat meat.
Iguanodon can eat plants.
Spinosaurus can eat fish.


Building Dinosaurs from Shapes

It takes 1-2 minutes to build a dinosaur. At the group activity, we had roaring and laughing going on around the table: great fun!

This activity was not only fun, but a great preparation for  drawing animals and a review of body parts. Here is a question kids loved, "Is your dinosaur ready to roar?" - "Roar!"

Visit Build a Dinosaur! from Little Family Fun for the full description of this activity.

Sight Word Look. Finding Same and Different

Kids wrote words "look" successfully without any previous experience in writing these letters. It's impressive what they can do when they are excited about a project!

This free printable collection of dinosaur cards and other great dinosaur activities can be found here: Dinosaur Unit from Every Star Is Different.

Two letters "o" were added to each card, drawn over 2 special features of a given dinosaur:
  • Stegosaurus - sharp plates on the back
  • Triceratops - 3 horns and a beak
  • T Rex - 2 tiny arms
  • Ankylosaurus - thick armor and a club tail
  • Velociraptor - toe claws
  • Pteranodon - wings and a beak
  • Spinosaurus - a long crocodile snout and a sail on the back
  • Pteranodon - wings and a beak
  • Diplodocus - a long neck and a small head
  • Dilophosaurus - 2 crests on the head
  • Brachiosaurus - the front leg is longer than the back leg
  • Iguanodon - thumb spikes on hands

The "writing prompt":
Look! What is special about T-Rex?
Two letters "oo" are pointing to something special. What is it?
Look! There are two tiny arms!
Can we make a word "look"? Write letters "l" and "k" before and after, trace "oo".

Dinosaur Art Project

My Firefly painted her "scary" dinosaurs on a large poster board using foam blocks and yellow, green, and brown tempera paint.

Dinosaurs theme is exciting for this little girl now; and she is much more comfortable with her writing. Well, it does take some "playing together" time.

Our Dinosaur Preschool Activities:
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