Creative ABCs

***Explore and discover the alphabet with your little ones 
in a creative fun way.***
***Develop the special bonding and watch your loved ones grow
right in front of your eyes!***

I am very happy with our homeschooling preschool play and hands-on activities and every day discoveries. Only a year ago I could not imagine I would be teaching My Firefly at home. She is 34 months old at the beginning of the school year. Life is full of surprises, and some of them are the best! ;)

Our homeschool preschool reading curriculum and the sequence of letters are outlined here: Preschool Games for Sentence Structure.

Letter T: T is for Ten on Top. Intro to Measurement. "Ten on Top" by Dr. Seuss.

Letter F: F is for Fox in Socks.   Intro to Rhyming. "Fox in Socks" by Dr. Seuss.

Letter P: P is Pinecone Parrot. Intro to Compare and Contrast. "Parrots" by Fran Howard.

Letter C: C is for Cats.        Intro to Dramatic Play. "How to Be a Cat" by Nikki McClure.

Letter M: M is for Moon. .Halloween Art. "On the Moon" by Anna Milbourne.

Letter A: A is for Alligator.  Feelings and Emotions. "Amanda and Her Alligator" by Mo Willems.

Letter D: D is for Dolphin.  Spatial Sense - in the Coral Reef. Coral Reef Cupcakes. "The Undersea Treasure Hunt" by Sue Harris.

Letter B: B is for Birds. Beans and Play Dough Birds. "Bring On The Birds" by Susan Stockdale.

R is for Reindeer. R is for Reindeer. Floating Shapes: Triangles and Squares. "A New Reindeer Friend": Disney Frozen.

G is for Globe: G is for Globe. Montessori Inspired Land, Air, and Water Activities. "The Runaway Bunny" by Margaret Wise Brown.

Letter L: L Is for Lullaby. Polar Bears Afloat in the Sea: Art Appreciation Activity. Play with Triangles. Goodnight Songs by Margaret Wise Brown.

Letter I: I is for Independence. Growing Independence: Tips and Activities for Little Kids. Q-Tip Painting. "All by Myself" by Mercer Mayer.

Letter K: K Is for Kangaroo. Cereal Box No Glue Kangaroo - DIY Pencil Holder. The Correct Pencil Grip. "I Love It When You Smile" by Sam McBratney.

Letter O: O Is for Order of a Story. Discover Parts of a Book with Lulu the Bookmark. "Lulu the Big Little Chick" by Paulette Bogan.

Letter S: S is for Seeds. Introduction to Plants and Gardening. Our Little Greenhouse Preschool Activities. "The Little Red Hen" by Diane Muldrow. "The Tiny Seed" by Eric Carle.

Letter Z: Z is for Zoo. Introduction to Graphing. Visual Hands-on Math and Graphs. "A Sick Day for Amos McGee" by Philip Stead and Erin Stead.

Letter E: E is for Engineering. Introduction to Engineering. Geometric solids: engineering through play. "Engineering Elephants" by Emily Hunt and Michelle Pantoya.

Letter H: Letter H is for Honey Bubbles. Bubble Making Experiments for Preschoolers. Kids played with honey and simple measuring, discovered that bubbles can be formed by the slow wide motion of the hand holding a wand, by holding the wand against the wind, or by blowing, observed bubbles and created bubble art afterwards. "Bubble Trouble" by Tom Percival.

Letter V: Letter V Is for Volcano. Rocks and Model Magic Volcano Craft. Prehistoric Times: Volcanos and Dinosaurs Sensory Play. What is a mountain made of?

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