Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Math Games We Love for Preschool to Second Grade

Fun with Math and playful explorations of the early Math concepts: our little ones are into Math recently. Math can be so much fun at this age! Some of our favorite games are here; as well as links to the gift guides for this holiday season from some of the best Kid Bloggers on the Web.

Balance Beans: Seesaw Logic Game. Kids can practice measuring weight and balancing the scale, logic skills and physics principles. There is a series of challenges with the answer keys going from easy to hard. Amazon affiliate link: Balance Beans Game

Money Bags: A Crazy Coin Counting Game. Kids collect and count money, exchange them in a bank, and more - the biggest money bag wins. Amazon affiliate link: Learning Resources - Money Bags Coin Value Game.

Geometric Shapes Puzzles: Super Mind. This is a series of 30 puzzle challenges going from easy to hard. I like how the difficulty level increases gently... until the child can concur a challenge that would take me time to solve. The Super Mind puzzles are created with the increased level of difficulty and a sequel to Mighty Mind. Amazon affiliate link: SuperMind

Geometric Solids: 14 Relational Shapes in Six Colors. They are great for "Roll or Stack?' game, can be filled in the sensory bins, are wonderful tools with magnetic sand. Amazon affiliate link: Learning Resources View-Thru Geometric Solids (14Colored)

Electronic Learning: Telly the Teaching Time Clock. Telly has a working digital clock and a night light. Analog clock offers two modes. A quiz mode is for setting time in five minute increments, or kids can ask Telly to tell the time. Telly comes in primary colors, or pink and purple. Amazon affiliate link: The Learning Journey Telly The Teaching Time Clock, Primary Colors

Sum Swamp: Addition and Subtraction Game. Swamp creatures race to the finish line. They will have to make up and solve some number sentences that (hopefully) will help them to go through the swamp fast. Each game doesn't last too long to keep little mathematicians excited in the swamp adventure. Amazon affiliate link: Learning Resources Sum Swamp Game.

Math in Art: Spirograph. Spirograph was developed by a mechanical engineer as a drafting tool and first introduced in 1965. This "the original Spirograph" set is a newer version of the old favorite. Kids might enjoy exploring Math and Art concepts through creative play. Amazon affiliate link: Spirograph Deluxe Design Set

Logic and High Tech Fun: Laser Maze Jr. Get the laser beam to the rockets so they can safely return to Earth. The series of challenges are offered with the increasing level of difficulty. Kids are to place mirrors on the grid to direct the laser beam. Amazon affiliate link: Laser Maze Junior Board Game

Practice Left and Right, and Counting: Turtle Flip. This is a simple "Hot Potato" game with the twist. Any fun opportunity to practice left and right, counting and comparing numbers, attention and memory is very welcome! Amazon affiliate link: Turtle Flip - Educational Family Game - Fun for Kids and Adults 6 Years and Up

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