Monday, August 24, 2015

Rocks on the Mirror Preschool Activities

This quick set up for invitation to explore rocks was fun! A mirror's hard surface not only provided interesting reflections of the rocks and wood, but also heightened attention to details as kids were slower and more careful when moving heavier rocks around on the mirror. The fact that the magnifying glass was brought by a dinosaur was met with excitement and motivated the creative play.

Kids explored the rocks. We focused on finding spots and stripes. Rocks were placed in direct sunlight to explore the surface. We tried to use words like dull, matte, glossy, sparkly.

We review the previous activities found here: Invitation to Explore Land, Air, and Water.

  • color: we tried to name colors, then used a magnifying glass and a cell phone camera's zoom feature to discover that each rock has several different colors,
  • texture: rough or smooth, cool to touch,
  • size: we had small and big rocks,
  • weight: heavy.

  • To make the activities going on, we had a visit from a dinosaur with a magnifying glass. Mommy also brought in her "baby dinosaurs" too.

    For this set up we used:
    Rocks (found in the neighborhood over the last several weeks),
    wooden blocks,
    dinosaur counters.

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    My Firefly loved some dramatic play with Mommy and babies dinosaurs creating a small world for the family. She counted rocks using blocks, stacked shapes on the mirror using rocks.

    The quick "Guess What It Is" game: we explored a top side and a bottom side of objects using reflections in the mirror.

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