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Letter V Is for Volcano.Rocks and Model Magic Volcano Craft.

Easy Volcano Preschool Craft

Our 3 year olds made volcanos using real rocks - all by themselves! Volcanos and dinosaurs are so exciting for them; and everybody loved this volcano craft! It is easy to set up, requires minimal mess, and there is a sturdy-heavy volcano at the end.

This craft is wonderful for fine motor skills. Of course, setting up a volcano using an eye dropper is a classic favorite.

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Letter V Is for Volcano

We started with a question:
What is a mountain made of?
The answers were grass, dirt, ice... Well, are there any rocks?

To set up a volcano we used:
  • a bottle of vinegar with a few drops of red food coloring mixed in,
  • a squirt of hand soap,
  • soda.

Rocks and Model Magic Volcano Craft

We used an empty baby food jar as a base, rocks, and Crayola Model Magic. Amazon affiliate link: Crayola Model Magic 4-Ounce, Terra Cotta.

The volcano was set on a tray. To protect the tray from dough, we used a piece of printer paper. Kids started by making "snakes" to create a circle around the jar. The first layer of rocks were set on the dough (pictured below).

Kids continued by layering rocks and dough "snakes" until the jar was covered. Then they added more rocks to their mountains using dough as needed. When the mountain was done, we ripped the paper off around the mountain.

That was an awesome activity for exploring rocks and fine motor skills! My Firefly made two volcanos and would continue on if she could.

Prehistoric Times: Volcanos and Dinosaurs Sensory Play

The jar is filled with sand with just enough empty space left for 2-3 teaspoons of soda.

Squirts of soap, vinegar, and dinosaurs were added as needed. As always, that sensory play is exciting!

The mountain survived many volcano eruptions and dinosaur invasions: the construction is sturdy and can be reused as wanted.

Our letter V is for Volcano brought us some fun explorations. What were your family's favorite activities this week?

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