Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Clothing Preschool Theme: Invitation to Design a Costume

Clothing Preschool Theme

Clothing preschool theme is very exciting for the little ones: they love exploring and playing with their familiar everyday objects! With this invitation to design a costume, we reviewed colors and patterns, discovered different types of cloths for different occasions (a party dress, pajama for sleeping, a costume for Halloween, etc.). My Firefly's new witch's costume is her new favorite dress-up item!

Clothing preschool theme is the best at the change of the season. We love playing with cloths in our annual hats, scarves, and mittens sensory bin. It can be found here: The Mitten Preschool Activities.

Invitation to Design a Costume

I made a skirt, legs, and shoes using paper, tissue paper, and a shoe lace. My Firefly was very excited when she saw it, and even more excited when she realized that she can "personalize" it as a witch's costume.

The older kids can make it by themselves - no glue required. To make a skirt, I folded two sheets of tissue paper as pictured above. One sheet of construction paper is folded in three to serve as a support for the lace. I punched holes and strung the lace, then made folds and fluffed the tissue paper to form a skirt.

Each leg is a sheet of construction paper cut in two lengthwise and glued together. I cut the bottom of each leg to fit into the shoe. The length of legs was measured to a child and several inches cut off at the top to fit. The legs were taped to the skirt after the stockings and shoes were colored.

Pictured below: Invitation to Design a Costume! Oh, it had to be a witch after reading her favorite "Room on the Broom" so many times... again.

We started by ripping the paper to form fun edges of the skirt. My Firefly used Halloween themed cookie cutters and tempera paint to stamp her fun patterns on the layers of the skirt. She wanted to use her glitter pens and paints to add more random elements. I helped her to place an extra protective paper in between the layers: the painted tissue paper is sticky!

She used oil pastels to color stockings and shoes. Of course, stockings had to have stripes, and shoes got polka dots.

After that was done, I taped legs to the skirt... and we had to run to find a broom!

The life is so much easier when a designer and a model is the same person! She played for quite some time taking selfies and posing with the broom.

Have you picked your Halloween costumes for this season? We have not decided on that yet.

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