Thursday, June 18, 2015

Colorful Creepy Castle: Printing with Blocks Preschool Activity

Engineering a Colorful Creepy Castle Using Foam Blocks

We printed with foam blocks to create a colorful and creepy castle. I considered the job well done when My Firefly said, "I'd like to look through the windows to see what's inside." We should have this activity again: engineering and art is a wonderful combination for kids! Our first engineering project can be found here: Roll or Stack? Letter E Is for Engineering.

Castles, Caves, and Honeycombs

"Castles, Caves, and Honeycombs" by Linda Ashman was the wonderful inspirational book for this activity. The fine rhymes and illustrations show that everybody needs a home. The living quarters can be quite different, sometimes even look funny, but they are all so cozy for the families living there.


Engineering a Creepy Castle Set Up

Pictured above:
  • We explored a toy castle we had;
  • a set of foam blocks;
  • white poster paper;
  • tempera paint, the colors chosen by a child;
  • foam plates, a wipe, a brush (optional).

Printing with Blocks Preschool Activity

First, we observed the toy castle: noticed the highest tower with the drawbridge is in the middle, and the two towers are the same and built on both sides of the main tower.

My Firefly was unsure where to start on a large white poster. I offered her to begin with the gate. She placed the blocks on paper - got the symmetry of the side towers easily and became more creative moving to the sides.

After she was done engineering her castle, she removed one block at a time, dipped it into a paint of her choice, and inserted it back into its spot. The sun is the print with the back of the plate we did at the end.

When all the blocks were used for printing, she removed the blocks and placed them into the plastic bag.

This messy play turned out to be very manageable. I had to take the bag with blocks straight to the kiddy pool outside for the extended activity. We washed the blocks, and hands, and legs: lots of fun!

The creepy old castle was played with quite a bit. What would you see inside if you had a chance to peak through the windows?

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