Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sight Words My and Me. Play Dough: Describing My Mom and Me.

My and Me: a Sight Word of the Week with Play Dough Preschool Activities

Kids have learned many or all of letters and their sounds. Sight words is the easiest next step for emergent readers, as well as an excellent meaningful way to review the letters. My Firefly just loves to pick up a new sight word if it is something she can play with! That is very rewarding to watch her enjoying reading the new words in sentences afterwards!

Sight Words My and Me. Invitation to Create with Play Dough.

I don't know if I am restating the obvious, but I have encountered this: the majority of sight words DO NOT require "sounding out". Kids can learn them by spelling the letters of a word out load repeating the letter names again and again through the activity as needed.

Invitation to create with play dough

For this activity we used:

Sight Word My. Describing My Mom.

  • The sight word "my" was introduced with the cookie cutters. My Firefly rolled up some play dough, made letters M and Y, and reviewed the spelling of MY while assembling the word.
  • We sounded out and made the word MOM, placed it on the tray.
  • The big circle for the face was made and placed on the tray.

Now it was time to make a face. We talked about how faces look different and what makes them different. My Firefly chose the colors for eyes and hair. I helped her make a nose (a pinch) and place a mouth (a short red snake).

The garlic press was the most fun! MY MOM received so much hair, and her hair kept coming until My Firefly ran out of her play dough. That's a great activity for eye-hand coordination!

We made sure to read words again at the end of the activity, and again - the next day.

Sight Word ME. All about Me.

  • The sight word "me" was introduced with the cookie cutters. My Firefly rolled up some play dough, made letters M and E, and reviewed the spelling of ME while assembling the word.
  • A circle for the face and a heart for the body were made and placed on the tray.
  • My Firefly made arms and legs, placed them on a tray with assistance.
  • We used a hand mirror to try to describe the face and choose the colors for eyes and hair.
  • We also talked about the first and last name, and that the last name is a family name.
  • We read the words again at the end of this activity.

  • Our goal for this school year is to have a sight word of the week in an engaging and playful way. Hopefully, I'll cover some of our activities in the next posts.

    It is exciting to look back at things we discussed last August and reevaluate. Our goals for the previous school year can be found here: Preschool Games for Sentence Structure.

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    5. I don't have the foggiest idea whether I am repeating the self-evident, yet I have experienced this: most sight words DO NOT need "sounding out".

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