Sunday, September 7, 2014

Preschool Games for Sentence Structure

Our Preschool Reading Curriculum Choice

Our choice is Reading the Alphabet PreK Curriculum. We loved that it is comprehensive, but flexible, gently and slowly introducing the little ones to reading.

Here is a question we considered and discussed: our kids know most letters and sounds, they are showing quite an interest in starting reading, one of the kids is reading 3 letter words already. But... they are turning 3 years old this fall. By law, they are considered 2 years old this school year. What could we do for a reading curriculum for our homeschool preschool?

There are 7 major areas included in this curriculum. It is based on a letter of the week and includes a 5 days plan of activities that covers all 7 areas throughout the week. This makes the first week is kind of the most difficult! The kids had to be exposed to many new things at once!

Preschoolers Love Playing with Language

Our Homeschool Preschool class meets once a week. Parents continue playing (studying) with kids at home between the classes.

At our first class kids had an introduction to "everything':
Letter T. Sound /t/.
Book awareness: T is for Title of the book.
Sentence. "Reading a book" - practice in matching voice to print.
Sentence is built with words. Making a sentence with picture words.
Words can be divided in syllables. Clap the syllables of kids' names.
Phonological awareness: identify the first sound of a word.
Sight word: A. Kids loved a word maze and a poking page!
Intro to pocket chart activities.

It sounds like a lot to learn in one sitting, especially for almost 3 year olds at their first class. But at this age, the speed of learning is truly amazing. They were able to absorb all the new information while playing, and laughing, and running around - amazing!

Also, we were not sure how much new knowledge we'd introduce to the kids in one sitting. The kids were very interested and got all the new words and pieces of information naturally. Following the lead of a child is the best!

We are supplementing this reading curriculum
with other fun things:

You can find our Creative ABCs here:

We will add the most fun book related to the letter of the week we could possibly find! It is very important to keep it fun at this age. Attention guaranteed on only one condition: fun learning through play - our main goal.

FOR OUR LETTER OF THE WEEK, we will be posting our favorite book and a hands-on activity related to the book. Follow our journey! T is for "Ten Apples up on Top!" by Dr. Seuss and our apple games and laughs is the first post in the new series.

Building Sentences with Picture Words.

Pictured above: Before the first class, kids received a letter in the mail with 4 sentences they were able to read by themselves. Everybody loved their letters! Preschoolers love playing with language.

Kids wanted to "read" their 4 sentences again and again while pointing a finger to the written words. When they got together, they enjoyed "reading" the sentences again so much. They "read", and laughed, and proudly looked at each other... Priceless!

I took the first paper and named it, "This is a sentence". Then, I cut the sentence into 3 pictures in front of them and declared, "The sentence is built of words. These are words." After that, we proceeded to building the sentences back together using terms "sentence" and "word".

Pictured below: Every child received a set of pictures to build the new sentences. First, they worked down on the carpet. Then we used a pocket chart. My Firefly didn't like the pocket chart though.

We made pictures of favorite toys and items at hand: Bear loves honey; Abby loves her wand; Bunny loves carrots; Doggy loves a hotdog.

There is a new book for children to read included in each week of Reading the Alphabet Curriculum. Starting from the very first day, they are to read a book: I really had had my doubts that this was going to happen. To my huge surprise, My Firefly did it. She greatly enjoyed reading her first book ever - and could not stop reading!
Her reading a book 
was very unexpected and so incredibly cute!
Happy reading to all our kids!

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  1. Great ideas for teaching little ones! Thanks!

  2. That's a really exciting process / achievement for your miss. This is a neat idea - I'll give it a go with my littlies.

  3. These are all great ideas! So many people could use these lessons.

  4. I'm so impressed that one of your (almost) three-year-olds is reading already! Good job on teaching them! Great comtent!

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