Friday, August 14, 2015

Dinosaurs Large Scale Art Project for Preschoolers

Engineering a Dinosaur using Foam Blocks

We played paleontologists: found a couple of toy dinosaurs and tried to recreate their skeletons using foam blocks. Then we reversed the activity by painting dinosaurs according to their skeletons. My Firefly loves the final product hanging in her "study" room.

This is the second art project with creating and stamping the foam blocks for her. She also made a Colorful Creepy Castle a month ago. This time she really knew what she was doing and extended her painting using a brush: Engineering a Colorful Creepy Castle Using Foam Blocks.

Large Scale Dinosaurs Art Project Set-up

As pictured below: for this project we used a large poster board, toy dinosaurs, foam blocks, tempera paint (brown, green, and yellow), paper plates for the paint.

Because the poster board is too large for her, we set it up on the floor. That way she had space to move around, and an easy access to blocks on one side and paints in the paper plates on the other.

Paleontologists Pretend Play: Creating the Dinosaurs' Skeletons

We observed the toy dinosaurs, compared their colors, sizes, and body parts. My Firefly started building T-Rex first. I encouraged her to use additional blocks to make longer legs and body.

We designed the "strong jaws" together, and T-Rex started snapping at us immediately causing lots of laughs and a motivation to build a second one: the smaller plant-eater.

Dinosaurs Art Project

After the dinosaurs were built, My Firefly removed a block at a time, dipped it into the paint, and placed it back into its space. For the second dinosaur, I added brown paint into the plate with the green paint so she had an option to use a mix of colors as she wished.

When all the painted blocks were in place, My Firefly used a brush for the "final touches". Then the blocks were removed and washed, and the dinosaurs enjoyed roaring in the sunshine.

I think the large scale art provides opportunities for wonderful adventures and explorations for little kids. Our dinos are currently handing in My Firefly's "study" room as we are continuing our dinosaur week.

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