Poppins Book Nook

Poppins Book Nook is an exciting virtual book club that goes live on the last Monday of each month.

Join us in finding the best books
and exploring the world hands-on
for kids of all ages!

Composers. Swan Lake Painting and Hand Print Art. "Ella Bella Ballerina and Swan Lake" by James Mayhew. Kids loved painting their lakes! And listening to the music and looking at the beautiful watercolor paintings in this book made her "dance as a Princess Swan" for several days after.

Over in the Forest: Leaves Collage and Forest Small World. "Over in the Forest" by Marianne Berkes, illustrated by Jill Dubin. We collected some leaves, twigs, and things on a nature walk. They are always fun reminders of the outside adventures.

Make Fun Friends for Beekle Matching Colors and Shapes. "The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend" by Dan Santat. We made our own little games inspired by this beautiful book!  The rules are flexible and can be made together depending on the interests and the previous experience.

Farm Animals Dramatic Play with Ten Red Apples. "Ten Red Apples" by Pat Hatchings. This book can be used easily for the dramatic play with friends and family. But first, we decided to decorate the garden wall and make cupcakes.

Easy Preschool Science: Testing the Wind. "Silly Dilly Duckling" by Claire Freedman. Preschool Science: The Wind Experiment. Simple DIY Kite.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Paper Plate Decorations. "The Cat in the Hat" by Dr. Seuss. Their smiley faces and amusing play ideas can brighten the day.

Glowing Lights - the Power of Creative Play.  "Northern Lights" by Nick Hunter. The light source and any transparent shapes are all that is needed for this activity. We explored Northern lights, sunset and sunrise, and the geometric solids.

Decorate the Cookies Inspired by the Wonderful Book. "The Mitten" by Jan Brett. My Firefly tried to copy my work and play with colors of the icing.

Explore the Universe in a Box: "Space Walk" by Salina Yoon. The exploration of the Earth was My Firefly's favorite part. We explored the light reflection with the Mylar blanket and talked about the Sun as "a huge ball of fire".


Millie Waits for the Mail - Post Office Pretend Play

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