Friday, September 12, 2014

T is for Ten on Top. Preschool Math.

Measurement with 10 Apples up on Top

Our letter of the week and this Dr. Seuss's book was an inspiration for our intro to measuring and for practicing counting. We measured everything we could find not in inches - in apples. Kids and parents alike had some good laugh while measuring height and stacking apples up on our heads. Well, kids enjoyed eating some and then some more - making good apple eaters out of them is the best part. You can find our collection of the Letter of the Week books and activities here: Creative ABCs.

Apple Ruler

1. Cut 2 sheets of construction paper in half lengthwise.
2. Overlap the short end of paper with the short end of the other piece and glue them together. For this ruler, I connected 3 strips together and discarded the last one.
3. Start at one end of the strip and fold your paper accordion style. Each panel is the size of an apple.
4. Leave the last part unfolded for your child's picture.

Apple Stamp and Pattern Activity for Preschoolers

Kids stamped apples and counted 10 on top.
To make a stamp cut apple in half. Put tempera paint on the paper plate. Put half an apple into the paint - the stamp is ready.

To make a pattern. We used Do-a-Dot markers to mark each panel with the color. The pattern is ABAB - green, red, green. Kids learned the pattern by watching an adult marking panels and by naming colors while marking.

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Stamping apples onto the paper and creating a pattern was fun!

Preschool Math: Introduction to Measurement

We measured as long as the kids were interested. The mermaid is 6 apples long, but the bear is 5. My Firefly is 12 apples high, and her friend is 13. At this age, it was only an intro to measurement. We'll continue working on comparing height and length of objects. For now, it is not an easy skill, but can be so much fun!
The apple ruler was hung on the refrigerator after that. My Firefly enjoyed counting apples with her fairy wand. The top apples were high for her to reach which turned into nice stretching activity.

Apple Craft

My Firefly asked for another ruler to paint, but didn't want to use apple stamps again. So we painted apples with red and yellow paint and different size brushes. She learned again that red and yellow make orange - when they don't use a skill for a while, they forget it so fast!
 Aren't these apples yummy? Happy apple eating, everyone!
What is your favorite recipe using apples?

Tot School Printables for Letter T

The free activity pages we print out from continue to be My Firefly's favorites! This week we completed T is for Train. For the pages pictured below we used Mini Pip-squeaks markers, Do A Dot markers, and stamps.

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