Monday, September 15, 2014

F is for Fox in Socks

Fun with Rhymes for Fox in Socks Preschool Activities

A pool noodle, some tooth picks, and lots of fun with rhymes were at play inspired by "Fox in Sox". This activity is great for outside play at the pool: the laminated pictures held well for us in water.

Preschool rhyming activities are quite a challenge for beginners. My Firefly doesn't "hear" or distinguish the rhymes yet.

Ar, her best friend, got the rhyming from the start, loved it, started playing with rhymes, reciting Dr. Seuss, and creating his own poem. There was the cutest performance at the end of our play: Ar took a working microphone and declared: "Fox, Knox, Ghox, mocks... Fox in box, and Ghox on mocks"... with the adorable and naughty laugh. Let me note here that Ar (32 months old) is usually very quiet. Him talking and laughing - performing loudly and drawing everybody's attention to himself is huge. Thanks, Dr. Seuss, once again!

Preschool Rhyming Activities

Playing with sounds and rhymes is the most important pre-reading and pre-writing activity. In big words, it is called "phonological awareness". It has to do with the sounds that we can say or hear, NOT a written language. It is important because kids need to hear and manipulate sounds in order to succeed in both reading and writing later.

That's why I offered an intro to rhyming for My Firefly for our second week of homeschool preschool fun: "Bricks and blocks sound the same - they rhyme. Bricks, blocks, and here is Knox. Hi! My name is Knox, and I rhyme with bricks and blocks..." This was so much fun with rhymes for the next several days.

Fox in Socks

Words that rhyme: bricks, blocks, fox, socks, Knox, box, chicks, clocks.

Preparation for play: I laminated the cut outs. To make puppets, I taped on food picks I had with a clear packing tape. Regular tooth picks could work just fine. The stands for puppets are made from a used pool noodle. The pool noodle can be cut with a knife easily.

Play time! Kids practiced their fine motor skills by sticking puppets into the foam in different combinations. We reenacted the rhymes and created our own ones. Lots of laughs!

What are your favorite rhymes?

This post is the second in our Letter of the Week series. Preschool can be so much fun! You can find our collection of the Letter of the Week books and activities here: Creative ABCs.

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