Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Parts of a Book with Lulu the Bookmark Preschool Activities

Letter O is for the Order of a Story

The front of the book with a title, the author, the illustrator, the title page, text and illustrations, the sequence of events, the back cover of the book. Author is a person who writes the story, and the illustrator is a person who draws all the pictures. There is some discoveries to make! For our letter of the week, we travelled through the lovely book with Lulu the Bookmark and played hide-and-seek with her. This post is a part of our "Creative ABCs" series found here: Creative ABCs.

Lulu the Big Little Chick

"Lulu the Big Little Chick" by Paulette Bogan is one of our favorite Farm Animals book. Find our Top 10 list here: Farm Animals Preschool Activities and Books.

Lulu is very helpful with following the order of a story! At the beginning, she is at home with her Momma. She goes "far, far away", meets different farm animals, and gets into funny little adventures with each of them. At the end, she is back with her Momma.

DIY Lulu the Chicken Bookmark

My Firefly loved her travels through the book with her new chicken bookmark! Pictured above, can you find Lulu?

Some other questions we discussed:
  • Where is Lulu now?
  • Who did Lulu meet on this page? How do you know?
  • Where will Lulu go next?
  • Is Lulu at the beginning, middle, or the end of the book?

Folding the bookmark 

  • To make a square out of the standard 9 by 12, fold the paper diagonally edge to edge and draw a line along the side of the triangle.
  • Cut along the line and unfold your square - it is ready for this project.
  • Fold the square in half.
  • Fold the rectangle in half to make a smaller square.
  • Find the four loose corners of the square and position them towards you. Fold the square in half diagonally so that the loose corners are on top of the triangle.
  • Hold the top 3 corners together and push them inside the triangle. Unfold the 4th side back.

To decorate Lulu, we used scraps of red, white (eyes), and yellow (a beak) construction paper, glue, markers for detailing, gold glitter glue (My Firefly's favorite).

Lulu is sturdy and fun. I hope we'll enjoy returning to her for reviewing the parts of a book and the order of a story many times again. There is so much to learn!

Visit our "Creative ABCs" series for more letter of the week fun and learning: Creative ABCs.
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