Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Go Away, Big Green Monster Activities. Sight Words Is, Go, Away.

Playful Words. Sight Words Preschool Art with the Big Green Monster.

Our sight word of the week activities were all about nocturnal animals and monsters this month. We painted and drew our way through sight words is, go, and away. The first article from our "Sight Word of the Week" series can be found here: Playful Words: Sight Words The, See, At, My, and Me.

Nocturnal and Diurnal Animals: Sight Word Is

We sorted diurnal and nocturnal animals and created charts using the sight word "is".

For this activity, we used:

Kids cut out an animal of their choice, practiced writing the word "is" on the tray, drew the sun or the night sky and applied star stickers, read the chart back to me. This is an early writing activity. They managed to write the letter "i" easily - and were so surprised that they did! It is way too cute to watch them writing their first letters!

Painting with Planes and Cars: Sight Word Go

We painted the word "go" using toy planes and cars. The paper is fixed to the floor with tape. I applied dots of paint and offered My Firefly to drive the toys through the paint. It was a never ending fun!

Go Away, Big Green Monster Activities: Sight Word Away

"Go away, Big Green Monster" by Ed Emberley is our favorite book at this time. This beautiful book is a great help for little readers with their fears of imaginable creatures!

My Firefly painted green monsters using strands of yarn. Our inspiration for this activity is this article: Painting with Yarn from Fantastic Fun and Learning. Please, visit this blog for fun details and helpful tips for this activity.

For our monsters, we used a mix of colors. Since there is no need to be precise with colors of the monster, we mixed all the paints in the same paper plate which made this activity very easy to set up. We started with green, and when half of it was gone, I added yellow. Then, we decided to mix green with blue. Black was added at the end. We used some red at the very end.

My Firefly loved making rainbow letters using glitter markers and an awesome "away play dough mat" printable found here: Romping & Roaring Pre-primer Set 1: A, And, Away, Big Packs.

Sight Words Is, Go, Away were so much fun! What's your favorite sight words activity?

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