Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Playful Words: Sight Words You, To, And, For

Sight Words Preschool Games

Sight word of the week activities work great for us! We review letters and learn new words in a fun playful way. In this article: personal pronoun "you" with water balloons, discussing kindness with the help of superheroes and the word "for", the magic pumpkin ornament using the word "to" for the pumpkin life cycle, sorting fruits "and" vegetables.

The first article from our "Sight Word of the Week" series can be found here: Playful Words: Sight Words The, See, At, My, and Me.

Superheroes: Sight Word For

We made these cards using free awesome printables found here: Upper and Lower Case Letter Match Superhero Style! from B-Inspired Mama.

Before the activity, we discussed what makes superheroes special. Do people love superheroes because they can fly? Jump high? Run fast? They are called superheroes because they help people. They are there FOR people - and that makes them real heroes.

The activity tray had 3 sets of superhero cards with the upper case letters F, O, R, and corresponding sets with superhero bursts and low case letters. Who can make more words "for"?


Fruits and Vegetables: Sight Word And

We have been working on fruits and vegetables explorations and discoveries. So here was the right time for a (not so easy!) subject: which of these are fruits? vegetables? We made a set of cards using a free printable found here: Get your veggies - Free printables from AppleGreen Cottage.

Common kitchen knowledge is used to divide these cards into 2 groups. It is not so easy-common knowledge for little kids though. Here is a funny explanation I used based on My Firefly's recent experience:

They are vegetables if we can put them in the soup. Our previous vegetables explorations can be found here:  Fun with Vegetables: Touch, Smell, Taste, Make Soup Together.

They are fruits if we can eat them fresh with whipped cream or chocolate syrup, LOL.

For the above activity, we used a tray with mixed fruit and vegetable cards and a tray with mixed letters a, n, d cards. Every time My Firefly would make a pair on the chart, we made a sentence together. Ex,:
Tomatoes and corn are vegetables. Pears and apples are fruit.

A Magic Pumpkin: Sight Word To

We made a pretty pumpkin ornament; then stamped words "TO" when using the pumpkin to go through the life cycle: Pumpkin Life Cycle Sequencing and Pumpkin Ornament Craft.

Water Balloons: Sight Word You

Letters y, o, u were written on the water balloons. Kids were to find a set of letters to make the word "you". Then they threw balloons one by one naming: "Y, O, U, you!"

I think these activity would be fun with spelling any personal pronouns: I, you, we... Because kids get "personal" when trying to throw a water balloon with a "bang!" So much fun!

Sight Words You, To, And, For were so much fun! What's your favorite sight words activity?
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