Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bats Nocturnal Animals. Coffee Filter Process Art.

Coffee Filter Bats Preschool Craft

Nocturnal animals was our point of interest these days. My Firefly got very creative and involved in painting coffee filters and assembling her flying  bats. Three days of coffee filters and cloth pins was getting under my skin - when she finally settled on the last perfectly engineered bat. She used paper, tape, and several black pins for that one.

Nocturnal animals was a new and exciting area to explore. You can find more of our nocturnal animals crafts and play here: Oliver's Wood: Meet Nocturnal Animals.

Coffee Filter Bats Process Art

My Firefly loves playing with water and colors. This opportunity to paint coffee filters has so many pretty options for some creative process art!

Pictured above:
  • We started by finding the center of a circle with the Do-a-Dot marker. This gave her a nice starting point in creating patterns in a circle.
  • She used markers or brush with water colors for the lines from the center to the edges.
  • Do-a-Dot markers were the favorite: they work nice with water and watercolors, dissolving and spreading with bright colors.
  • She also used an eye dropper in her art - happily!

Nocturnal Animals: Bats

My Firefly was able to color cloth pins black and assemble the bats. I helped with forming bat's wings a little and cutting off semicircles along the edges.

The bats are flying with the help of black thread and tape. They love to relocate: from a light to the window, to the refrigerator.

Do I want to know where they'll go next?

Our coffee filter bats were pleasure to create. Happy crafting this Fall!

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