Monday, September 28, 2015

Spider Craft: Charlotte's Web

Never Ending Fun with Spiders

This spider craft was not only very fun, but also great learning activities. For this craft, the hole punch was a great exercise for the hand; practicing cutting circles in this fun way was never ending; creativity at play decorating with colors and glitter was awesome; trying to bend stems for hand-eye coordination was interesting.

"Charlotte's Web" by E. B. White, a book that has many messages with deep meanings to think about, was more of an inspiration for the craft, not for reading at this time. We did discuss this:
how would it feel to have a spider as your only true friend?

A quote from the book: “Children almost always hang onto things tighter than their parents think they will.”  

Newbery Medal Books is the theme for September at Poppins Book Nook. You can find our previous Poppins Book Nook activities here: Egg Carton Pinocchio Marionette.


Charlotte's Web

Newbery Medal Books are chapter books with great messages in them - a great read for ages 10 and up. "Charlotte's Web", a children's book that carries deep meanings of life and death, true friendship and love, is actually deeply moving and a great read for an adult.
All we could do at this time, is to look through the messages made by Charlotte in his web. 

Spiders Easy Craft and Play

For this craft we used:
black construction paper, white and yellow tempera paint, a hole punch, scissors, white glue, colored sand with glitter, googly eyes, chenille stems, plastic cups and bottle caps for stamping circles.

We started by stamping circles on black construction paper using plastic cups - My Firefly's favorite activity at this time. You can find our previous fun with circles here: Bubbles Art Project.

She practiced cutting out circles: the bigger circle for a spider's body, the smaller circle for a head.

We had extra pages of circles left after the craft. My Firefly used them for decorating more circles, cutting and punching holes for several days after.

The actual Charlotte craft: we glued the head and the body together, punched 8 holes with the hole punch, threaded a 1/4 of a stem through each hole, bended each stem to form a leg, added eyes.

Decorating a spider: we stamped yellow and white circles using a bottle cap or an eraser end of a pencil, painted stripes/ spots on a spider using white glue and a brush, and sprinkled the glue with colored sand.

After everything was dry, I made two folds in and out perpendicular to the spider's neck.

"Newbery Medal Books" - the Theme for September at PBN

It's time for the Poppins Book Nook - a book club that goes live on the last Monday of each months.
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