Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fall Play and Art: Our 4 Favorites for September

Fall through Art and Play Preschool Activities

My Firefly enjoyed these four activities so much! She made a "Scarecrow in the Garden" paper plate decoration, painted some fun pumpkins (playful reading activity), painted fall leaves for a pretend play and a song, played with a farm puzzle while taking her first look at counting up to 32. You can also find our Fall Cats here: C is for Cats. Paper Plate Cat. Dramatic Play.


Fall Art: Our New Scarecrow in the Garden Decoration

The scarecrow is an easy handprint. Find the step-by-step tutorial here: Handprint Scarecrow Craft for Kids to Make from Crafty Morning.

Why does a farmer need to keep a scarecrow in his garden?

While the paint was drying, kids tried to answer this question. My Firefly thought the scarecrow is there to make a garden pretty, but her friend said, "I don't know... To scare the crows?" That's a wonderful answer for a 3 year old!

Kids added ovals of different colors while we were talking about the colors and shapes of vegetables in the garden that our scarecrows can protect. And of course, there is one black bird is still there.

Play with Numbers and Counting: The Fun Farm Puzzle

This puzzle is a free printable found here: Free Animal Number Puzzles for Kids from Totschooling. There are 1-16 and 1-32 versions available on the site.

My Firefly can count and recognize numbers up to 20. This puzzle was the perfect first introduction to counting beyond 20 for us.

We worked with the numbers sheet first: counted together while pointing at numbers. We counted together again while she was painting numbers using a paint brush and white glue. Finally, she took a piece at a time and placed it in its place (with my assistance as needed).

That was a very satisfying counting experience for her!

Painting Pumpkins: a Playful Reading Activity

This wonderful collection of pumpkin themed free printables can be found here: Pumpkin Pack from 3 Dinosaurs.

My Firefly really liked painting pumpkins while practicing reading the CVC words! She used Do-a-Dot markers for these activities. She has Jack-o-Lantern hanging on the refrigerator door already and is very proud of it!

Mixing Colors and Fall Leaves Art: Our Favorite Song and Pretend Play at the Moment

We observed the colors of leaves from different trees, then painted our leaves for the beautiful pretend play and the Fall Leaves song: Pretend Play with Fall Counting Songs.

Our homeschooling preschool play and hands-on activities and every day discoveries can be found here: Creative ABCs.

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  1. The end of summer means that we are heading into autumn. For many of us, this means that it’s time to get out and play again. This is an opportunity to get back to being active and enjoying the outdoors, even if you don’t normally get much time to do so.