Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Flowers for Mother's Day

Flowers for Mom Preschool Activities with The Weekly Kids Co-Op

Lots of flowers are here this week! The giant flower collage, Montessori flower activities, painting using fun supplies and bright colors, a sensory bin and a fun flower treat - all adorable Mother's Day gift ideas and activities to keep little ones busy. The previous collection of ideas and activities can be found here: Tips for Making Coloring Activities Fun.

Sadly, we'll have to announce that The Weekly Kids Co-Op is closing. Next Thursday will be the last article in this series.

Pictured above  (top to bottom):

Spring Flower Pot Rice Krispies Treats from B-Inspired Mama. The lollipops flowers look adorable in the cheerful pot treats.

Mother’s Day Chore Pop-Up Cards from Christianity Cove. The cute pop-up flowers provide the gift of "chores" - so lovely!

Spring Sensory Bin from Danya Banya will brighten the day and keep them playing for days.

Frogs and Spring Flowers Painting and Stamping from My Bright Firefly. Easy DIY pipe cleaner stamps and some paint - even 2 year olds can do this adorable Mother's Day present all by themselves!

Montessori Flower Identification and Arranging from Living Montessori Now. Some beautiful learning activity ideas and flower identification resources can be found here.

Giant Flower Collage from Crafty Kids at Home. The whole family can participate in this project making an epic gift for Mom!

Watercolor Butterfly & Flower Painting from 3 Dinosaurs. Using cookie cutters and fun supplies makes this painting creative and lovely!

The Weekly Kids' Co-Op

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