Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Flowers and Frogs Painting and Stamping for Kids

Frog Handprint and DIY Chenille Stem Stamps

Mouse's First Spring was our inspiration for printing and painting spring flowers. And the sensory play with beautiful colors here has kept my preschooler coming back to this painting for 3 days. She loved making handprint frogs and had to stick a smiley green creature into every paper she worked with. She made a colorful scenery for every family member and friend she could think of! We also used some of the flowers for our reading games found here: Bunny Books and Sight Word Games.

Frogs and Spring Flowers Painting Unlimited

Pictured below are some samples My Firefly created. The fact that she couldn't stop painting gave us a great opportunity to practice planning for the painting.

She had to place the frog onto the paper first: it is the biggest element. Then she has learned to paint the bigger flowers first and fill the space with the smallest flowers. The first picture below: there is just not enough space for everything; and the hyacinth had to fall down!

DIY Chenille Stem Stamps Spring Flowers

To make the stamps, we used the pipe cleaners of the corresponding color. They don't have to be, but it helped to color code for painting.

The first picture below: to make a daffodil, fold the yellow pipe cleaner as pictured, then bend it to create a circle and screw the loose ends to form a handle for the stamp.

The second picture below: to make a hyacinth, find the middle of a pipe cleaner and wrap it around your finger to form a circle. Screw the ends together twice. Move the finger to make the next circle. I made 4 circles and screwed the loose ends together to form a handle for the stamp. We used pink and purple for the hyacinth.

Spring flowers we painted:
  • Red tulip and purple crocus can be made with a stamp of the same shape.
  • Pink and purple hyacinth.
  • Yellow daffodil.
  • The green stamp is for the frog's head and eyes.

Creative Spring Painting for Toddlers and Preschoolers

The hand print frog: My Firefly chose the color for the frog from the paints in front of her (green), painted her left palm with the brush (body) and four fingers (frog's legs). She made the print. Then we turned the paper around so that frogs' legs are towards her.

We used the green stamp to make the frog's head. The inside of the head can be filled with color using brush, or left white. When the paint is dry, we used a black marker to draw frog's face.

Pictured below, stamping away! She loved it so much - we had to get our paints out for 3 days. All of her pictures are beautiful and very different.

Oh, so much color at the end of such a long winter!

This picture is for Nikki, a beautiful tender girl, who is graduating from the military basic training camp in 2 weeks. Happy Birthday, Nikki, and hold on in there!

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