Thursday, April 9, 2015

5 Beautiful Earth Day Sensory Play Ideas

Sensory Play for the Earth Day - Toddlers and Preschoolers

Hands-on exploration, a sensory bin or table, gardening (real or pretend), playing with water and air - sensory activities are the best way to learn and explore the planet Earth and beautiful spring nature. These sensory play ideas are brought to you by The Weekly Kids' Co-Op. You can find our previous creative collection here: 8 Creative Spring Crafts.

Pictured above:

Mary Mary Miniature Gardens from Crafty Kids at Home. This beautiful activity has it all: a nature walk, making a garden in a box, singing with silver bells and cockle shells.

Land, Air, and Water Sensory Bin from My Bright Firefly. Montessori inspired sorting and exploration, introduction to the globe.

Pollution in a Fish Tank: An Earth Day Science Experiment from Christianity Cove. This science experiment is simple and easy to set up in your kitchen: Oil Spill science experiment. "We have to look at our world as the home God gave us," - a beautiful conclusion to the beautiful article!

Nature Tuff Spot from Adventures of Adam. Take a look at this beautiful woodland for the favorite creatures to live in - set up by kids on a tray.

Number Flower Garden from Adventures of Adam. Practice numbers and counting while creating a beautiful garden. The flowers printables are free when you sign up with the email.

13 Books about Earth Day for Kids from Gift of Curiosity.

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