Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tips for Making Coloring Activities Fun

Benefits and Challenges of Coloring Activities for Kids

It's NOT unusual to hear someone say, "My child doesn't like to color." Exploration of objects and the world around us, introduction to colors and shapes, fine and gross motor development, eye-hand coordination, pencil control, increasing concentration - the benefits of coloring activities are important. But what can we do to help kids to enjoy coloring? Here are a few ways of making coloring fun again brought to you by The Weekly Kids Co-Op. The previous collection of ideas and activities can be found here:  5 Fun Geography Activities for Preschoolers.

Pictured above:

Rain Cloud Finger Paint Art for Kids from Simple Fun for Kids. This rainy day artwork is great. Finger painting or using Q-tips for dot-painting is a stress free creative fun for coloring inside the lines!

Cereal Box No-Glue Kangaroo from My Bright Firefly. Kids might enjoy coloring the fun shapes made from cardboard (a cereal box). The defined edges of this cute kangaroo will help them to keep inside the lines when coloring and decorating.

Ways to Use the Spring Dot Marker Printables from 3 Dinosaurs. These free Spring dot marker printables can turn into beautiful artful activities! There are so many creative tools to turn coloring pages into spring art: dot markers, glass gems, Q-tips, yarn, cut-outs...

Plastic Plate Flowers from The Keeper of the Cheerios. Coloring plastic or paper plates is an awesome way to keep those crayons inside the lines: beautiful yard decorations are on display here!

12 Creative Ways to Learn with Coloring Pages from Totschooling. Many fun ways to engage kids in creative coloring activities are here!

It is important to support and appreciate our children's first attempts at coloring. Staying within the lines is not an easy task! I'd love to feature this creative art display - an easy and inexpensive DIY project: Faux Chalkboard Art Display from Simply Wright.

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