Saturday, December 27, 2014

Top Parenting Posts of 2014

The Third Birthday: Celebrate and Reevaluate?

The end of the year is so exciting! It's time to look back and relive the best moments of the year, and to look forward to the future. Today I am sharing my most favorite parenting post of 2014 from My Bright Firefly.

 This parenting post is special because it's about a kid's third birthday. I thought it might be special and inspiring time for any parent. Baby and toddler years are all history. A little person is amazing, smart, and interacting in meaningful ways. This huge transition for the whole family is amazing! Here is one funny thing I noticed at a time, LOL: What's on Your Refrigerator Door.

Top Parenting Posts of 2014

39 of the best and most popular parenting blog posts at the end of the year for you. Please, look through, and hopefully, find some helpful tips or a fresh topic for discussion:

Why your husband isn't doing your a favor by watching the kids? How to stop yelling at your kids? What's the best morning routine? How to rock being a stay at home mom? Some tips and new approaches for a better sleep. Tantrums and other challenging behaviors.

You can find these and so much more here: This Year's Most Popular Parenting Tips.

Happy New Year!
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