Friday, December 19, 2014

21 Gorgeous Snowflake Ideas

Snowflakes Made from Q-tips Cotton Swabs Challenge

This is a great party game for kids and adults alike - tested on our family. It turned out very engaging and fun! You can see 21 of our party winners here. I called it "Gorgeous Snowflakes Challenge"; and they are! These snowflakes make people get relaxed and creative; they make them smile. All you need is cotton swabs. For more Christmas ideas for kids, visit our 10 Fun and Easy Christmas Activities.

These snowflakes can be made as Christmas ornaments or decorations by gluing them together and onto the snowflake cut outs. We didn't do that. Instead, we created our snowflakes on the sheets of felt. Felt helped to keep the patterns nicer and prevented the elements from sliding around. Everybody submitted their snowflakes for a picture as they made them.

I introduced the supplies one at a time. First, I offered full size swabs and gave people a minute to start creating snowflakes. Then I added the swabs cut in half which increased the difficulty level and the creative fun. After people got their snowflakes made and photographed, I threw in some sparkly decorative balls, and finally, Christmas stickers and jingle bells.

My Firefly painted the Q-tips with glitter the night before. It was a fun activity for her all by itself. She dipped the tips into the white glue and into a bowl with glitter. We painted some sticks at one end, and the others - at both ends. The glitter flaked off a little during the game. Nothing was messy, just some specks of glitter got caught up in the felt.

This is a fun art and math activity combined: a great opportunity to explore patterns and symmetry hands-on. Depending on the supplies used and the age, the patterns created can be quite challenging. As you can see below, there are some mistakes in patterns.


Snowflake Pattern Activity for Preschoolers

"The Gorgeous Snowflakes" challenge for preschoolers:
Winter Fairy is getting so happy that Christmas is coming! She decided to pretty up her enchanted forest with the festive magical snowflakes. Can you help Winter Fairy and create some Christmas snowflakes for her?

My Firefly, at 37 months old, could not make a perfect cross from just 4 sticks without assistance. It was nice learning experience for her. I modeled the first patterns with her watching a pretty symmetry made one stick at a time. Then, I let her add a stick or two to the premade pattern. She tried creating her own patterns - way to go.

If you decided to make some snowflakes, I'd love to see them! Please, share your pictures on our Facebook page. And have a great party!

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