Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Quick and Easy Elf on the Shelf - Part II

 Elf on the Shelf Activities for Preschoolers

Such fun and bonding activities we had! I didn't stress too much with relocating the elf if I was busy that day. That also gave other family members the opportunity to get creative with the elf on those days. You can see our previous Elf on the Shelf post here: Elf on the Shelf - Part I.

Elf On the Shelf shares candies.

He was sorry for partying too much the previous night and decided to share some fun with people in the house. He prepared a bag of candies for each family member. The bags had stickers with names on them so that everybody would get surprised to find the set of their favorite candies. They were two easy nights on me because elf decided to stay on the kitchen isle for 2 days.


Elf On the Shelf is into mischief.

He climbed onto the tree and took Daddy's spare glasses, my son's remote, and My Firefly's favorite cup with him.


Elf On the Shelf got touched

The most terrible thing had happened! He was hanging in the breakfast nook above the table. My little climber managed to get to him: he was not high enough! We were concerned that he'd get very sick...

Elf On the Shelf TPing the room.

On the same day, he wanted to prove to us that he is well. He gathered ALL the toilet paper throughout the house and TPed the spare bedroom. On the brighter side, that was my son jumping into the fun. So much for sharing happiness and joy through this holiday season :)

Elf On the Shelf on the romantic vacation

He knew that I am a little bit tired of taking care of him every day. So he took a short 2-day vacation with butterflies and flowers. Who could wish for anything more, right?

This was a week worth of elf fun. With our crafty 25 months old toddler, I need to make sure the elf is high enough.

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