Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What's on Your Refrigerator Door

What Your Refrigerator Door Says about You

The content displayed on you refrigerator door reflects who you are as a family. How do I know? I had noticed that the look of our refrigerator changed many times over the past 3 years and thought of writing a post about it since My Firefly's third birthday is coming. So I typed into the Google search "What's on your refrigerator door" and got hundreds of funny results!

Many surveys, researches, articles are produced on this topic. What our refrigerator says about me? I would call it "organized chaos", lol, and a life full of surprises and changes. There used to be a couple of family pictures, several magnets from our recent travels, and an occasional note that would be destroyed by me ASAP because it didn't look neat.

When I got pregnant, our fridge got all squeaky clean and polished. No pictures or notes were allowed any longer. Then the baby was born, and baby pictures multiplied fast on our refrigerator door. When I would get less sleep deprived, the pictures would get taken down, the doors are clean and shiny again - a great sign that the baby is happy, healthy, and sleeping well. My Firefly's second year - the first cute scribbles and hand prints found their way to join the pictures. The third year - no pictures. We need the space for activities with magnets and for displaying her recent activity pages.

Happy coming third birthday to my little princess! 3 years old, once again, is a huge milestone!

Print Awareness for Preschoolers

I'd love to share pages displayed on our fridge this week. There is never enough time to do everything. My main goal: very quick and easy to set up!

Pictured below, My Firefly drew a pepperoni pizza and the moon and stars (sticker jewels). The activities are printed out for free from This Reading Mama and can be found here: Letter P and Letter M.

I printed these activities several weeks ago. We didn't do them because I thought they are too difficult for this girl; and she would not like them. When we finally found time to try them, My Firefly loved it and surprisingly managed everything very well!

Print awareness: kids need to see patterns in a written language: text, lines, sentences, words, left-to-right reading and writing. Each activity is a set of cards for words that can make a sentence. I arranged words into a sentence on a table first, read it, then mixed the words up again. My Firefly had to make the sentence again by picking a word by word from a pile. She did with some minor help. Then she used her favorite glue stick to glue sentences under pictures. While gluing, we read each sentence again.

Haunted House Do-a-Dot activity

The haunted house is a free printable from Gift of Curiosity.

Colors printable pages

We have to review our colors from time to time. That's why I was happy to find these free printables over at 3 Dinosaurs. There is one color review per page. The main point important to My Firefly is there are pictures of the objects that can be found of that color - a quick and engaging way to learn it! The printables can be found here: Free Color Coloring Pages. She traced the words with the marker first, then painted the pictures with the small brush.

Roll and Graph - our first ever graphing activity!

This activity made by This Reading Mama is to review several letters hands-on. It worked nicely for us. My Firefly rolled the die and stamped the corresponding letter in a column. I had to help her to find the proper column every time, but the review was done without her ever noticing she is working on her letters! The free printable can be found here: Reading the Alphabet: Letter A.

I made the die from an upcycled box using letters printed from the link above. It's quick to make and served its purpose just fine.

What's on your refrigerator door? ;)

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