Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Best Kids Activities of 2014

Creative ABCs

Today I'd like to share the best kids' activity post of 2014 from My Bright Firefly. We were busy learning through play and exploring hands-on with our three year olds. So the best and my very favorite is Creative ABCs.

We have a letter of the week and activities related to the letter and the sound. But what makes it fun for kids is the best book of the week we could find, and the variety of engaging activities related to our letter of the week. We concentrated on different subjects each week: language, math, science, sensory play and crafts, art appreciation and introduction to many new materials and tools.

The Best Craft, Education, and Parenting of 2014

The best and most popular craft, education, and parenting blog posts at the beginning of the new year for you. Please, look through, and hopefully, find some great inspiration from the posts below. Happy New Year!

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