Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall Kids Activities: Our Bucket List

Fall Kids Activities: Our Bucket List

Holiday season is coming, everyone! We are all excited in this house for all things fall festivals and trips to farms, Halloween and Thanksgiving, My Firefly's birthday, playing in leaves. I thought of sharing our bucket list of new things we need to try!

Playing with food

Make Halloween cupcakes
Make apple sauce
Play with pumpkins
Some decorating ideas here: Spooky Fruit from In the Playroom.

Play outdoors

Apple picking
Pumpkin patch
Hay ride
Fall festivals
Play in leaf piles
Nature Hunts
Make nature blocks. Ideas found here: Adventure in a Box.

Halloween Fun

Trick or Treats
Find special library story times
Halloween decorations shopping
Make a Jack-o-lantern from a paper plate
Make a ghost from a lollipop and Kleenex
Movie night: Gasper. Ideas found here: Artsy Momma.

Teach thankfulness and gratitude!

What are all the things My Firefly is thankful for? I am very curious because she just started talking in sentences and I can't wait to find out more on this topic ;) I am still getting used to receiving a full answer when I ask a question - I guess, somebody with a late talker can understand me...

Happy Fall to Our Families!

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