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Finding Spring ABC Letters Games. Pley.

Spring Flowers Letters Matching Games for Kids

We tried to catch the sun and enjoy the pop of colors on the window while playing and reviewing our ABCs with spring flowers. Our snowman is standing strong outside bathed in sunshine. We are so ready for the spring to come.

At this time of year, bright colors and sunshine are a joy to play with! Last February, we made this sun catcher to greet the upcoming spring: Sunshine Mobile to Brighten Your Day. This year, lovely spring flowers on a window sill are lots of fun to have.

Finding Spring Letters Games

This invitation to create an ABC spring flower garden looked so beautiful! Supplies for these activities are dollar store finds.

For these activities we used:
  • an Easter basket
  • flowers from a dollar store (each stick had 6 flowers; so four of those are bought and cut apart: $4 total)
  • bath and shower travel bottles
  • stickers and a black Sharpie

There are many ways to play these Spring Flowers ABCs.

Invitation to build the alphabet
My Firefly started by arranging the ABC bottles. This game took her a long time because she declined any assistance and sang the ABC song for every bottle. The bottles feature smiley frogs, turtles, butterflies, and flowers: they look very cheerful in the sun!

Uppercase and low case letter match
Uppercase letters are on the bottles, and the flowers have tags with low case letters. My Firefly noticed this level of difficulty while arranging her spring flowers, but was motivated to continue.

Spell your name with spring bottles
I picked the bottles with the letters of her name. She arrange the bottles to make the name. Additionally, she practiced spelling when arranging the flowers.

Spell the word "SUN"
Only three bottles and three flowers are needed for this activity.

Flower Girl Pretend Play
That basket of spring flowers is beautiful and an inspiration for many pretend play ideas. The best is to share flowers with friends, and smile!

Measuring Water in the Bottles
We measured 1-10 tablespoons of water for each bottle, compared the levels of water in the bottles and the sun light reflections.


Learning ABCs through Play. Pley Online Toy Renting Service.

There are ABC video games. I personally do not like those. We try to limit screen time, but allow some computer and video games experience needed for school. Instead of practicing ABCs, kids can enjoy some wonderful educational video games for little ones. Our favorite is Doc McStuffins game. Players have to use different tools to assess a patient, make a diagnosis, and help them: great for beginning critical thinking!

There are letters and numbers toys. We loved these:

Lettersaurus, AlphaPet Explorer, Count and Learn Cookie Jar, Duplo Number Train, Count and Compose Music, Scribble and Write.

You'd say these toys can get expensive, and kids might find them boring in a few weeks. So here is an exciting solution: Pley Online Toy Renting Service.

Pley has recently added one more fee option to their line-up. For the low price of $9.99 children can receive one toy per month. This option is just right for the letters and numbers preschool toys!

Sponsored Pley blog campaign: all views and opinions with regard to Pley or the products they feature are my own and were not reviewed by the company prior to publishing. You can find our full disclosure here: Disclosure and Privacy Policy.

I'd like to invite you to visit Pley at This service works in three easy steps:
  1. Choose your favorite toys,
  2. Free Delivery to your door,
  3. Play, Return, Repeat.
▪ Pley offers access to a large selection of educative toys, including 400+ LEGO sets and popular robotics toys. New toy options have just launched!
▪ Pley is always on the hunt for the best toys, so their assortment reflects the latest and greatest toys.
▪ Besides having access to a variety of toys, kids learn the concepts of sharing and reducing waste for the environment.
▪ It's really convenient and helps reduce clutter: Pley packages get delivered to your door and when the kids are done playing, they can return them for a new toy. No more toys sitting unused on shelves!

Pley clean and sanitize each toy after every use using eco-friendly and kid-friendly solutions. If your kid is interested in keeping a particular set, they offer the option to buy it in one click from your account page.

What are your favorite tips on learning letters for preschoolers?

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