Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Peacock Paper Plate Lacing Card Craft for Kids

Fine Motor Skills Fun Peacock

The beautiful diversity of birds can be confusing for the little ones. Are chicken, penguin, and peacock all birds? We practiced our fine motor skills while making a colorful peacock using beads on the paper plate lacing card and a hole punch. I love the hands-on Math practice we had while at this colorful craft.

Kids will love making peacock sounds with this bird!


Peacock Paper Plate Craft and Learning about Birds

We watched a short YouTube video about peacocks first: The Most Magnificent Peacock Dance Display Ever. This video lasts for a couple of minutes which is great because we had to watch it several times: gorgeous colors!

Some facts about peacocks were discussed:

  • The beautiful peacock's tail is made of feathers - it's a bird.
  • This bird sounds funny!
  • This beautiful bird is a male bird. There are peahens and peachicks.
  • The beautiful fluorescent colors are made by the light reflection from the tiny crystals in feathers.
  • Unlike turkeys, these large birds can fly.
  • Peacocks eat plants, flower petals, seeds, insects. They are omnivorous.

For this activity we used:
  • a paper plate
  • a hole punch
  • yarn and a chenille stem for the DIY needle
  • pony beads
  • tempera paint

Paper Plate Peacock from Easy Peasy and Fun has great instructions for this craft. Please, visit them to see how to make an easy template and a beautiful way of decorating the bird with a cupcake liner.

First, we painted our peacock blue, both sides. For a quicker craft, crayons can be used for coloring.

My Firefly loves working with the hole punch! It is a wonderful tool for strengthening muscles in a fun way. She made holes around the peacock's tail. I made a bigger hole in the center.

Fun Math Activities with the Peacock Craft

Counting and equal quantities: For each feather, 6 beads were counted to make them equal. Some feathers were made longer by adding one bigger bead to 6 pony beads.

Patterns: My Firefly wanted to make patterns on a couple of feathers.

Lacing pattern. She had no problem following three easy steps:
  1. Thread yarn through the center hole from the back to the front.
  2. Count and thread beads.
  3. Thread yarn through the hole at the edge.

Multi-colored yarn can be used for the lacing activity without beads. Happy Lacing!

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