Monday, February 8, 2016

Telling Time Game: How Long Will You Love Me?

Math and Art Preschool Game: Time!

"How long will you love me for?" asked Caroline. After reading this wonderful book, we combined Math and Art to play with time. This exciting and effective time telling game gave us  a feeling of what 1, 3, 5, 10, and 15 minutes are.

How Long?

"How Long?" by Elizabeth Dale is our inspiration for this activity. Little Caroline is trying to understand the concept of time through her favorite activities. She could paint a long line in a minute, line up all her trucks in ten minutes, dig a tunnel in the sand in 15, and make a pretty daisy chain in 20. Beautiful water color illustrations are funny and engaging.

The questions Caroline asks are very catchy: "How long until you can play with me?", "How long will you love me for?" My Firefly loved her time telling activity and picked up on using the questions and understanding the answers better.

Telling Time Game

My Firefly used chalk markers on the board to draw pictures of her liking for a set amount of time. Pictured above, "How long is one minute?"

The rules of this Telling Time game are simple:

  • Think of what you want to draw.
  • Ask a question: "How long is one minute?"
  • Draw for one minute.
  • Stop and look. Evaluate how much can be done in one minute.

These simple rules made drawing so exciting! We repeated the same for 3, 5, 10, and 15 minutes.


Chalk Markers: Here is (finally!) a fine solution to save on paper!

Pictured above, "How long is three minutes?"

For this activity, we used ChalkOla chalk markers.

Product review: ChalkOla Premium Wet Wipe Markers. This product was sent to us for free.  All views and opinions with regard to ChalkOla are my own and were not reviewed by the company prior to publishing.

These markers are easy and soft in use, have 5.5 mm bullet tips, are NOT messy like the regular chalk, and (finally!) are a fine solution to save on paper. My Firefly loves her new markers!

Chalk markers can be used on all hard non porous surfaces: chalkboard, whiteboard, glass, mirror, or plastic (yes, on paper too).

After filling up our chalkboard, we were able to wipe it clean easily with the wet paper towel. My Firefly continued drawing on the board - her chalk markings came off with the single wipe of a wet towel as easily the next day.

For more fun ideas on using Chalkola markers and a fun video, visit their website:

There is so much creativity with virtually no mess and the brightest colors on the chalkboard! Pictured above, "How long is five minutes?"
Pictured below, "How long is ten minutes?"

We stopped our playing with time at "How long is 15 minutes?" That was long enough to fill in the board with all kinds of things.

I didn't know she could draw that many things!

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