Sunday, November 22, 2015

Winter Snowflakes Advent Calendar: Countdown to Christmas Surprises

A Christmas Tree on the Cork Board Advent Calendar

This simple, child's artwork Christmas tree advent calendar reveals a surprise after surprise. I can't wait for my family to start enjoying it! This easy DIY calendar is set on a cork board using simple hand made envelopes and pins. Our favorite winter scene and fun activity prompts will be revealed every day up until Christmas.

Our Fun Countdown to Christmas

This advent calendar consists of 25 hand made envelopes. We measured and cut blue construction paper to size and folded each piece in three, glued together to create easy envelops.

Painting our beautiful Christmas tree with lights from My Bright Firefly:
I taped envelopes together and onto the easel. My Firefly enjoyed painting a special Christmas tree scenery for the Christmas countdown. This will be her first advent calendar since she can count to 25. So I wanted it to feature her art work.

After the paint was dry, I cut the envelopes apart and set them on the cork board.

The other side of this Christmas calendar features our favorite winter scenery. This is a store bought poster (I found it at Michael's) trimmed to the size of the cork board. Three large objects on the poster allow for a nice 25-piece picture puzzle. The puzzle pieces were glued to the envelopes following the order of the Christmas tree on the other side.

According to our Winter Snowflakes theme, we decorated the existing white frame with the snowflakes Christmas garland. The numbers are written on snowflakes and pinned to the board with pins.

Each envelope will contain a card with a family activity prompt. Some examples:
  • Our Christmas elf has arrived! Find and greet him: he can't wait to see you!
  • It's time to bake cookies!
  • Let's read a Christmas book: (title).
  • A family movie night is today! Which Christmas movie would we want to watch?
  • Breakfast with Santa is today! Let's get ready!

I will make some of these cards in advance, but the others will be filled as soon as I'll know the dates.

One envelope a day will be turned over and pinned back to the board to reveal our family fun surprises and a piece of the Winter Snowflakes puzzle (pictured below).

The number snowflakes are glued to ribbons and pinned to the board together with the envelopes. We used Snowflakes themed wired Christmas ribbon.

The 3-D effect of the snow falling over the Christmas tree
scene is nice! Snowflakes are twirling in the air, over our special Christmas tree, and slowly falling down - bringing us the numbers for counting down to Christmas.

Each translucent and sparkly, wired ribbon was curled and pinned to hang with both ends of the ribbon off the board.

I think, My Firefly will enjoy playing with the Winter Snowflakes puzzles and numbers after Christmas too!

More Countdown to Christmas Ideas from My Bright Firefly

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(Click on the picture below to enlarge it.)


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