Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Process Art: Christmas Handprint and Glitter Wreath

Fun Playing with Handprints and Glitter

This easy homemade decoration was the first Christmas activity this season. Well, so much for the handprint painting - you can not see them on this wreath. My Firefly had fun dipping her hand into the paint and making prints so much - she made 3 circles of green handprints in one. And then there was glue and glitter to finish it off. She loved this easy process art activity!

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For this activity we used:

paper 12 by 12, green and yellow tempera paint, glitter/colored sand in salt shakers, 2 paper plates for paint and loose glitter, cotton swabs and white glue, red tissue paper for a bow, a chenille stem for hanging.

My Firefly dipped her hand into the green paint first. Handprints are made by rotating the paper, fingers facing the center of the circle.

After the first circle was made, I added a little yellow to her plate with paint. She mixed the colors with her hand and continued making prints. That amount of paint had to dry overnight (a fan can be used for the shorter drying time).

We use a set of 12 mini salt shakers for our colored sand and glitter activities. Amazon affiliate link: Mini Salt & Peppper Shakers Shaker, Cube Shape, Polished Chrome Top, Glass Body - 1 Dozen.

This mini shakers add lots of fun: the amount of sand/glitter is limited and there is a choice of colors readily available. She used a cotton swab to make dots with white glue, shook glitter over glue, caught the extra loose glitter on the paper plate and funneled it back into the shaker, repeated the same with the next colors.

Finally, we used a chenille stem to make a loop for handing and a hook for the bow (it is removable for a little extra fun).

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