Monday, November 16, 2015

STEM Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

STEM Educational Toys for Happy and Creative Play

Preschoolers love exploring and creating! We are featuring a small collection of ideas for the first exciting STEM activities.

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Pictured below, Step2 Sandy Shores Sand & Water Table Toy. I am starting with this one because we use it for 12 months a year, inside or outside. It has 2 compartments with the road built in around and over the bridge and the island.Step2 Sandy Shores Sand & Water Table Toy

This Fabulous Shopping Mall from Fisher Price is a nice set up for Math activities at the food court, snack shack, or beauty salon. There are several cool features built in to make it exciting.
Fisher-Price - Disney Minnie Mouse - Fabulous Shopping Mall

My Firefly and her friends love playing with the Zoo animals from Fisher Price. Using these manipulatives, we explored animals and their habitats, and love using them as the Math counters. Our first introduction to graphing can be found here: Introduction to Graphing for Preschoolers.
Fisher-Price Little People Zoo Animal Friends

Primary Science Lab Set from Learning Resources is used heavily by kids. We explored water, soil, plants, air, snow using this kit. And, of course, used it for the art activities (lol). Our snow explorations can be found here: Snow: Create and Explore.

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set

Everything Doc McStuffins is exciting for kids. But for the doctor and vet pretend play, kids used this Pretend & Play Set from Learning Resources. Several tools work with batteries, all feature a cool function. I like the quality of this set and the storage case.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Doctor Set

Primary Bucket Balance from Learning Resources is nice for introduction to measuring. It features a small drawer to store mini manipulatives and spacious bowls for objects or liquids.

Learning Resources Primary Bucket Balance

Alphabet Puzzle Block Set from Fisher Price includes 30 jumbo wooden cubes with the capital and small letters, and a farm puzzle. Nice basic cubes for some steady construction jobs: Problem Solving with Cubes and Craft Sticks.

Fisher-Price ABC Alphabet Puzzle Block Set (Little People), 30-Piece

Kids love working with Lego Duplo (for ages 2-5). The set below is the basic set that would add some extra parts to the sets they have.

LEGO DUPLO Creative Play 10571 All-in-One-Pink-Box-of-Fun

My Firefly and her friends love any Playmobil sets! Featured below, Playmobil Advent Calendar Fire Rescue Operation Set.

PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar "Fire Rescue Operation" Set with Card Game

This Snap Circuits Discovery Kit is on our wish list: a wonderful introduction to electronics, a toy that will grow with the child.

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit

Marble Runs and Marble Races are great for engineering and physics explorations!

Imaginarium Deluxe Marble Race

For more (much more!) Christmas gift ideas
from some of the best Kid Blogs visit this great resource at KC Edventures:

Wishing everyone
a happy and successful shopping experience
this holiday season!

More Winter Play Ideas from My Bright Firefly

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  7. Here are some fun STEM gift ideas for preschoolers! You can get them building blocks or puzzles to help with problem-solving skills. Science experiment kits are great for exploring and learning about the world around them. There are also cool coding games and toys to introduce them to technology and coding concepts. And don't forget about books that teach basic math and science concepts in a fun way! These gifts will spark curiosity and creativity in young minds.