Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Painting Spring with Cool Effects and Fun Supplies

12 Cheerful Spring Paintings and Paints for Kids from The Weekly Kids Co-Op

Colorful, creative and cheerful, these painting activities can easily brighten up a rainy day and bring a smile. The lovely sensory experience and practicing fine motor skills through playing and creating: kids' all time favorite. So much that the easiest and coolest technics and materials are used! The previous Weekly Kids Co-Op can be found here: The Science of Spring: Observation Skills

Pictured above:

Play with colors on coffee filters. Easy Coffee Filter Flowers from Spark & Pook.

Explore the ways to paint an egg. 3 Different Ways to Color Easter Eggs from My Big Fat Happy Life.

Hand print a cute frog and stamp spring flowers using easy DIY stamps. Spring Flowers and Frogs Painting and Stamping from My Bright Firefly.

Paint using cookie cutters. Fun and Different Way to Use Cookie Cutters from 3 Dinosaurs.

Fast and easy way to paint grass and stems. Flower Cards from Wugs and Dooey.

Pictured above:
Painting doilies - lovely! Spring Flower Craft from Cutting Tiny Bites.
Use pipettes to color paper towels - a wonderful sensory play! Easter Egg Garland from Stir the Wonder.
Play with bubble wrap and paint. Easter Egg Painting from Best Toys for Toddlers.
Bubble wrap is the best for painting the tortoise's shell. Bubble Wrap Tortoise from Crafty Kids at Home.
Is it easy to paint the whole house? Find out here: Cardboard Playhouse Messy Play from Playful Matters.
Paint, glitter... and soap: the result is fascinating! Magic Milk Process Art and Science for Kids from The Science Kiddo.

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