Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easy Foam Chick Craft for Preschoolers

Adorable 3-D Foam Chicks - Scissors Skills Practice

We made some fun chicks to go along with the fun Easter book. Playing with colors, tracing circles, scissors practice - My Firefly loved this little activity and surprisingly could do almost all of it by herself. The chicks are quick to make with just a few easy steps. So I gave her an opportunity to plan her work - that was the best part!

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick! Easter Activity

The Old Lady books are the best to introduce or review the new vocabulary, and for retelling or reenacting a story in an easy and fun way. I love how each book follows the same pattern recognized by kids easily, but there is always a surprise on every page!

Pictured below: the chicks were excited to talk to each other about the upcoming Easter.

Foam Chick Craft

The supplies that could be used for the easy chicks:
craft foam, chenille stems, google eyes or sticker jewels, feathers or washi tape, pencil, scissors.
We used glue only for the feathers on one of the chicks.

Pictured below: the body is a foam circle folded in half. Kids can try to poke the pipe cleaner through the foam: it comes through easily. My 3 year old managed to do it half of the time. Use a pencil to mark the spot before poking.

We used the sticker jewels for eyes. Orange chick has feathers glued for the wings and tail. The other chicks are decorated with washi tape strips.

To form chick's feet, bend the stem in a zigzag pattern leaving an extra inch at the beginning. Connect the two ends together spreading the toes. Screw in the loose end.

Tracing Circles and Scissor Practice

Tracing objects to make a shape is always a winner for My Firefly these days. She practiced holding a cup steady while tracing. It really helped this time that the cup was see-through.

Foam is a nice material for beginning cutting... and cutting out a circle is a big challenge for the little fingers! The cuteness of the project allowed for the motivation to try again - I love that!

The chicks are ready for "talking" and moving. They can stand up and sit down. They might even love some popcorn!

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