Friday, March 27, 2015

Lacing Card - Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers

Lacing Card Play Basket

The great benefits of lacing activities for preschoolers: pencil grip practice, hand-eye coordination, attention skills practice, learning and creating patterns. This quiet time activity is awesome. Why wouldn't my child just sit down and do it for any noticeable length of time? She has to pay attention to develop those important attention skills.

This craft was a challenge for her to get engaged and motivated - she is looking forward to Easter and loves baskets. So I offered her this Play Basket lacing activity.

The supplies used for the Play Basket craft:
a paper plate, lace, a hole punch, scissors.

  • I precut the margins of the plate at regular intervals and punched holes in every flip.
  • My Firefly had to lace the plate creating a simple in-and-out pattern.
  • The basket handle is standing up by itself because the ribbon is stiff at the edges. We tightened the ribbon to bring the basket walls up. I weaved the ends of the ribbon together and finished with the bow.
  • Decoration: My Firefly used spring stickers to decorate the basket.

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