Saturday, January 3, 2015

Whimsical Winter Trees

Winter Trees Preschool Activities

We continue learning about winter. This week we talked about the winter weather and how trees and animals survive cold and snowy days in the forest. Hence, our whimsical winter trees. They were fun to make and came out very beautiful. My Firefly was motivated to do beading and threading and loves her new Winter Forest. You can also find our winter small world here: Winter Sensory Bin.

Pictured below, I cut openings in the tube for animals' houses. We wrapped tubes in aluminum foil and used a painted tube. For each brunch, make 2 holes in the tube with the needle. Thread 2 chenille stems through the openings and tight them from inside and outside. Decorate the stems with beads.
We used decorated tinsel stems.

Creativity, satisfaction... and the perfect fine motor skills practice are at play here: Mommy is happy!

We got lucky to have this activity with the sun shining through the window. The sun made our trees shine and sparkle, and made our tree decorating last that much longer.
This activity also allowed us to consider angles and round shapes. If the tree meant to be free standing, make sure to keep a balance. Pictured below, 4 brunches are placed at 4 sides of the tube.

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