Sunday, January 11, 2015

Winter Forest Sensory Bin

Animals in Winter Preschool Activities

Finding food under the snow, migration, hibernation - the challenges of winter forest habitants were thoroughly explored hands-on with our new Fairy Forest sensory bin. We've found some interesting picture books to read, but the most exciting for My Firefly was the light show in the forest we had. We also made special trees for our forest which can be found here: Whimsical Winter Trees.

Time to Sleep. Books about winter.

I'd like to mention three books My Firefly loved this week.

#1 "Time to Sleep" by Denise Fleming
The book gave us a review of changes in weather from late fall into winter. The animals care about each other; and say "Good night!" before falling asleep for the winter. That and the beautiful illustrations bring this book to life: very engaging and kind!

#2 "It's Winter" by Linda Glaser
Winter in the North and South, underground and under water - with fun rhymes!

"I chase and zigzag
catching snowflakes in the air."

#3 "Animals in Winter" by Martha Rustad
The book is from the "All about winter" series.

Fairy Forest Sensory Bin

We reused our rice mix from the last year: colored and plain rice, aquarium rocks, shredded tinsel, mixed in parts from the Christmas scented potpourri set. We set our sensory table with Playmobil parts, whimsical winter trees, jingle bells, pine cones, people, animals and vehicles, variety of containers and scooping tools, a magnifying glass.

Our Exciting Light Show with the Sensory Bin

We used a sand table that comes with the umbrella. I left the umbrella in and pinned the "space blanket" around it.

We got this emergency thermal blankets (set of 4 blankets, Affiliate link below) a couple of months ago. Kids keep playing with them often since then - they are shiny, light weight, durable, and can be played with in so many different ways! You can find the introduction to our "space blankets" here: Space Preschool Activities.

Pictured above, no special photography tricks or photo editing - the sensory table in the dark room with the different colors of the light .

The blanket retains light inside making the small world a miracle space. I used a Christmas garland of icicles that change colors. The wire is threaded to outside of the blanket, on top of the umbrella, and up to the wall out of the kids' reach. The blanket reflects all the light perfectly!

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