Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Elf on the Shelf - Part I

Fun Family Time Together

I can't wait for Christmas. Part of a reason is the best fun we had with our Elf last December. I managed to get everybody involved in the exciting adventures of our house elf. I just can't wait to see my kids' faces when they find out that the Elf is back in town! In this post: elf arrived, tricks in my son's bathroom, dancing shoes and snowballs, party with friends. Also, please check out how we stay warm here: The Mitten by Jan Brett.

I love Christmas shopping! Our house Elf jumped at us from the shelf of the local home and garden store: happy pretty elves filled several shelves. My Firefly fell in love with him. Little did she know about his adventures nature. The handsome guy is bigger, has a great support with the wires, and can sit on his own.

The quiet arrival of the cutest guest

All the messages and the elf's story come later: no intro messages or reading books attached. I thought it's better to have people use their imagination and shape the Christmas adventures as we go.

He just wanted to be loved first for how merry and bright, and friendly he was. The first day he hang from the boxes in the garage. He didn't say a word, but everybody found him and smiled.

Elf on the Shelf is making tricks in the bathroom

That's when I appreciated him: he is very easy to position and able to hold small objects on his extended hand or a bigger object by hugging it.

I wrapped chenille stems around the elf and taped the stems to the mirror. The right arm is around the toothpaste. The left hand is holding a cap. He drew a snowman with my son's toothpaste (I actually used My Firefly's washable white paint).


Elf On the Shelf is dancing and playing snowballs

The elf got tired dancing in high heels. He had already thrown one shoe on top of the wall sconce. But wait! He still has some energy to play snowballs with fluffy white pom-poms.

Elf on the Shelf has a party with friends

He invited two ginger men. They got caught at midnight drinking milk. Really?

Please, visit us back - the adventures of the house elf are to be continued. Are you planning on Elf on the Shelf activities this holiday season? Our Elf on the Shelf - Part II is here:
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