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No-Glue Cupcake Unicorn Christmas Ornament

Engineering for Girls: Uni the Unicorn

This Christmas Ornament was inspired by the beautiful picture book. If unicorns are real is a great question for the holiday season. So we enjoyed the book... And engineered the unicorn.

A Unicorn with a Purple Mane and Golden Hooves for a Christmas Tree

Our unicorn jumped at us from the pages of a beautiful book: "Uni the Unicorn" by Amy Rosenthal. Amazon affiliate link: Uni the Unicorn.

That is why ours had to be white with a purple mane and golden horn and hooves. Sometimes wishes do come true, and hence our Uni the Christmas ornament.

After all, Uni strongly believed that little girls do exist (despite the hurtful laughs from his friends and his parents knowing smiles).

You can buy this beautiful believer. Amazon affiliate link:

Engineering a Unicorn Christmas Ornament

We decided to engineer our very own. But let me remind you first (it is just such a fun thing to say out load):

Dreams do come true,
And unicorns are  real!

Pictured above, prepare half page of white construction paper. Fold it in three, the middle part is about an inch wide. I will not show the exact measurements here to leave room for creativity and imagination. All unicorns are different and equally beautiful after all.

Draw lines as pictured above, leaving the longer part on one side (head and neck) and the shorter part on the other (tail). Cut out the corners.

Engineer the legs cutting out pretty arches in between the two legs.

Have you noticed the short cutting lines along the body? Snip at the base of each leg and fold each leg in two.

Head and neck: engineer the length of the neck and 2 equal parts for Uni's mouth and nose - the rest is his face and ears. Cut a wavy line to form ears. Make a small cut between the ears to insert the horn. Color the eyes (and eye lashes). Fold the paper forming head and neck.

Cupcake No-Glue Mane and Tail for the Unicorn

Pictured above, twist a chenille stem around your pinky to create a spiral horn. Fold the cupcake liner in two and cut around the edges to create hair. Insert the stem inside the cupcake liner.

Pictured below, bend the stem with paper around it - up and down to create a wavy pattern. Start twisting the stem and liner spreading the hair around the stem in a random pattern. The wavy bends help keeping it together while twisting around. We used two cupcake liners for the mane and one for the tail.

After the mane is formed, poke a hole with the stem at the base of the neck and insert the stem. Bend the stem at a right angle: the neck is up and the rest of the stem is along the body. Poke another hole at the base of the tail. Insert the stem and bend it down at an angle. Twist this part of the stem with the cupcake liner to create a tail. Bend the horn at an angle and inset it in the slot between the ears.

Put a small piece of tape at the top of the front legs to prevent them from sliding apart. Do the same with the back legs.

Decorate your Unique Unicorn. This is a Christmas ornament, so any amount of glitter is justified here! Our cupcake liners were painted first, but any colors and patterns would look unique and wonderful. We colored the hooves yellow first, then used glitter glue and sticky jewels.

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