Sunday, December 6, 2015

Handmade Christmas Card Holder Idea: Little Blue Truck

Kid-Made Little Blue for Christmas Cards and Toy Trees

Little Blue Truck never fails to be an exciting craft project for kids! We made Little Blue Christmas card holder. Our first experience with hammering nails into the board went well. According to the book, Little Blue delivers Christmas trees to all his animal friends. Ours is also handy for displaying Christmas cards.

Little Blue Truck's Christmas

"Little Blue Truck's Christmas" by Alice Schertle is one of our favorite Christmas books now and an inspiration for this craft project. It is a fun rhyme and a beautiful sturdy book. There are flashing colorful Christmas lights (battery is included) on the last page. Amazon affiliate link: Little Blue Truck's Christmas

All children are different and accidents happen. As usual, please consider safety first when choosing activities for your child.

For this craft we used:
  • a board (ours is 9 by 3 inches),
  • a hammer and 6 long nails,
  • blue, white, and red Tempera paint,
  • caps from baby food pouches,
  • chenille stems,
  • a Christmas garland,
  • egg carton for the cab.

The first real hammering experience for a 4 years old: I was holding a nail - she was scared. We held the hammer together, but I tried to let her apply the force. Review the safety rules before this activity, and consider your child's skill level when offering assistance.

Pictured above, mark the spots for nails with a pencil, drive 6 nails into the board, cut a side off the egg carton, paint everything blue, let the paint dry.

Pictured below, make wheels. Thread chenille stems through the holes in the caps as pictured, connect the ends and twist them together. We used 2 stems per a pair of wheels.

Christmas Card Display Craft for Kids

When the paint is dry, assemble the truck. Thread the wheels through the board. Wrap the Christmas garland around the nails to form the truck's bed. Glue the cab onto the board. Paint white windows and red lights. We used oil pastels for coloring the details.

Little Blue Delivers Christmas trees

My Firefly also made Christmas trees (there should be five according to the book). She simply stuck green caps with the red on top for the star and thread a chenille stem through them. I bent the stem and thread the caps in the opposite direction, twisted the ends together.

Dramatic play: the trees are of different sizes for different animals. We played with the rhymes while delivering trees to Little Blue's friends. It was a nice practice for counting the caps and comparing the lengths of the trees.

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(Click on the picture below to enlarge it.)

Wonderful Christmas Decorating Ideas!

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Tissue Paper Christmas Wreath from 3 Dinosaurs. Kids can complete (and enjoy) this simple, but festive Christmas decoration all by themselves.

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Fine Motor Egg Carton Snowman Craft from Sugar Aunts. Poke holes in the Styrofoam egg carton and stack the snowballs together. Such a fun and pretty Christmas decoration!

Simple Bubble Wrap Holly Wreath Decorations from Crafty Kids at Home. Paint a Christmas wreath using a piece of bubble wrap: a neat effect of evergreens kids will love!

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Kids’ Art into Christmas Decoration from Non Toy Gifts. A wonderful festive way to preserve and display the precious art.

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  1. Mostly children are different and accidents happen. As usual, please consider safety first when choosing activities for your child.

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