Monday, November 10, 2014

The Mitten Preschool Activities

The Mitten by Jan Brett

We got our favorite book out and had so much fun with book related activities: matching pairs of gloves and mittens; exploring hats, mittens, and scarves - it's cold over here already; pretend play - hiding in a mitten with the animals; practicing self care with "Stay warm and happy" sensory bin. Also, come over here to see what else we are up to this month: To the Kitchen!

Invitation to Explore: Mittens and Gloves

My Firefly got into a tray filled with a mix of mittens and gloves. I gave her time to explore them first: sizes, textures, colors and patterns. She tried some of them on and we talked about the changes in the weather.

Matching activity. I helped her to find a pair for each glove. We counted the gloves and reviewed the word "pair". Also, we found and counted the fingers in the glove - fun!

Pretend Play: Together in the mitten

We used a blanket as a large mitten. Many toy animals came to live and play on a mitten together with My Firefly! Each of them introduced himself and asked the permission to join in the fun. Then each said "Thank you" and how happy he is to play with friends.

It feels good to help others and share - the main goal of this activity.

"Stay warm and happy" Sensory Bin

Wool, leather, metal, glass, cotton - this sensory bin is to explore and name the different textures and materials. I added some hats, scarves, Christmas balls, and jingle bells.

We tried to describe some items: warm - coldround - flat, hard - soft, shiny - dull, smooth - bumpy, heavy - light, and sweet and bright (candy).

Is it getting colder in your area? Please, stay warm and happy!

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