Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Preschool Art Projects

These preschool art activities are filled with sunshine, smiles, creativity, and imagination. Observe and enjoy outdoors! Then grab your art supplies and play with colors, summer scents and textures.

Flower Art with Free Printable from Hello, Wonderful. Bits of petals and foliage, some glue and lots of smiles - that's all needed for this art project.

Bears and Lollipops: Invitation to Play with Colors from My Bright Firefly. These bears love lollipops and enjoy their lollipop party!

Bright Ice Boats from My Bright Firefly. Fun discoveries and lots of sensory play for the hot summer day will keep kids happy for the day.

Hot Air Balloon Window Display from Inner Child Fun. Kids will love painting coffee filters to make hot air balloons and decorate the window. Such an easy and bright project!

How to Create a "Masterpiece" from Planet Smarty. Choose your colors, paint, and swirl with a plastic fork. The wonderful tips for the perfect art activity for preschoolers are very helpful!

Dolphins in the Ocean from Craftulate. Different layers and textures create a magical ocean scene. The instructions for this art project are very easy!

Coloring a Beautiful Lily from the Garden from My Bright Firefly. Noticing colors, scents, and textures of a single flower brought inside is a great practice of the much needed observation skills!

Painting a Meadow from Montessori Nature. "Enter into the special relationships with the environment" with this beautiful activity!

Kandinsky Flowers from Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes. This easy art project also allows for reviewing the color theory and practicing cutting circles.

Colorful Creepy Castle: Printing with Blocks from My Bright Firefly. Engineer a castle, print with blocks, then take them outside to play with water. Fun art experience with bright colors and new designs.

Summer art is so much fun! Which art project is your favorite?

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