Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Color Wheel Paper Plate. Explore and Match Color Hues Activities for Preschoolers.

Explore Color Hues with the Paper Plate Bright Flower

We continued playing and exploring our 50 colors of oil pastels. The Bright Flower we made turned out awesome as a play prompt, a decoration, and a color wheel for our next activities with colors. Learning about color hues was very colorful and happy! You can also find our previous activities with oil pastels here: Play with Long Strokes and Shades: Oil Pastel Lion Mask.

Paper Plate Color Wheel: Exploring Hues

We needed the word "hue" to find the "color families" in the set of 50 oil pastels. My Firefly loves her new oil pastels for their bright colors and soft textures. We are using Pentel oil pastels. They are very affordable ($6 at Walmart for a set of 50 colors). Amazon affiliate link: Pentel Arts Oil Pastels, 50 Color Set (PHN-50).

For the first part of our activity I offered only 6 pastels of the basic brightest colors from the set.
We started coloring our paper plate flower with the 3 primary colors. I drew red, yellow, and blue lines. Then we reviewed the secondary colors we can get from mixing the first 3: orange, purple, and green. I helped My Firefly to place those lines between the primary lines. Hues are the 12 brightest colors: 3 primary, 3 secondary, 6 tertiary. All other colors are hues of one of the 12.

Exploring Hues - Color Families

We continued coloring the flower - one hue at a time.

I asked My Firefly to find all the pastels with the hue of red. She pulled them out of the box and we discussed "the family of red" - all the pastels have different colors, but they all are a hue of red. Then, she drew lines around our main red lines using all her pastels from "the family of red".

We proceeded the same with all the hues. Pictured above: My Firefly's favorite part is to mix colors with her finger and show off her colorful hands. We keep a baby wipe next to the pastels, and sometimes a Kleenex for cleaning the pastels (after using a light color on dark).

Invitation to Explore Color Families: Matching Hues Using Paint Chips

My Firefly loved playing with her Bright Flower. It's definitely a keeper for her pretend play collection. The next day we were able to reverse the above activity to review the hues again.

For her invitation to play, she had her color wheel and 24 color cards (4 cards for each of 6 hues we had). She enjoyed matching the chips to make her flower "bigger".

I love how she is so much more confident with color hues. Of course, it is a work in progress: as seen above - a couple of mistakes were made.

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