Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bears and Lollipops: Play with Colors and Oil Pastels

Invitation to Play with Colors: Lollipops for Bears

We got our oil pastels out after reading our favorite books. My Firefly loved the lollipop idea: she wanted to share the colorful candies with friends! This activity turned out to be an excellent review of the colors and hues we explored the previous week: Color Wheel Paper Plate. Explore and Match Color Hues.

Quiet Bunny's Many Colors

This activity was inspired by the two of My Firefly's favorite books. We needed bunny stickers for this activity, but accidently got bears instead. Hmmm, bears worked for us. But if you'd decide to set this activity up, please, substitute to "Lollipops for Bunnies" (lol).

"Quiet Bunny's Many Colors" by Lisa McCue is such a beautiful book about our beautiful world filled with all the colors. The bright illustrations follow the colors of creatures and flowers which makes Quiet Bunny so unhappy with the dull coloring of his fur (Amazon affiliate link): Quiet Bunny's Many Colors.

"Letter Ll Book" by This Reading Mama is an emergent reader from Reading the Alphabet curriculum. My Firefly found this curriculum challenging for the first couple of weeks because of many new topics introduced to her at once. But now that we are almost done, she loves her little books and plays with them every day. "Letter Ll Book" can be printed out for free from here: Letter L (Lesson 12).

Invitation to Play with Colors and Oil Pastels

For this activity we needed:
"Letter Ll Book", construction paper, color wheel, oil pastels, a set of bunny stickers.

I don't think multipurpose printer paper would do with oil pastels. We love to use our construction paper set with them though! These little "crayons" are so bright - they can be used on any color of the paper. Our beginner oil pastels set is very affordable and can be found here (Amazon affiliate link): Pentel Arts Oil Pastels, 50 Color Set (PHN-50).

Bears and Lollipops

The activity turned out simple, but very engaging. My Firefly is usually not into coloring, but was able to make lollipops for all 6 bears. There are 6 for primary and secondary colors we worked with the previous week.
  • We started by placing a bear sticker and drawing a lollipop stick to its arm.
  • Then we picked a hue for this bear's lollipop and found all the pastels of that hue from the set.
  • Pictured above: we stated the purple lollipop with the darkest purple pastel in a spiral motion.
  • Used all the other pastels of the same hue to color in between the lines.
  • The tissue paper is next to the drawing for wiping our pastels after they are used (My Firefly loves doing this: a sensory experience and fine motor practice of its own).
  • The bear smiled and said, "Thank you!"
  • Repeat with the next hue.

Our bears loved their lollipops and enjoyed the lollipop party a lot! I think that was a great play with colors and oil pastels.

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