Thursday, January 14, 2016

Polar Bears in the Arctic Small World Play for Preschoolers

Polar Bears with Kinetic Sand and 3-D Shapes

We explored the Arctic hands-on. Our kinetic sand small world is "an icy desert" according to the beautiful book that was an inspiration for this preschool activity. Only polar bears and arctic foxes are allowed in this world. "Well, maybe people too if they can live in this cold," said my 4 year old and proceeded covering her person in a snowy igloo.

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North: The Amazing Story of Arctic Migration

"North: The Amazing Story of Arctic Migration" by Nick Dowson was the beautiful inspiring book we've read. Wonderful illustrations helped imagining the icy desert and held attention.

But the Arctic will change comes spring. We went on the exciting adventure through the world and to the top of the world with various animals. My Firefly didn't know some of those. So the story telling illustrations were a must and helped a lot!

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Arctic Small World Play for Preschoolers

To build our Arctic small world we used:
We discussed the possible shapes of the icebergs and named geometric solids we used. We noticed polar bears white fur against the snow. My Firefly found it funny to see bears' noses sticking out from the snow. They need to catch some fish from the icy waters of the Arctic!

It is always fun to decorate people with play dough. This time people got decorated with igloos. One has to stay warm in the winter tundra.

What are your favorite indoor activities this winter?

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