Monday, January 11, 2016

Play Dough Penguin Craft for Kids

Easy Dancing Penguin

Our play dough penguin is made from two basic shapes. We knew how to use a rolling pin and draw a square. We've learned how to make a sausage shape and cut cylinders with the plastic knife. The creative play with play dough was to let the penguin have fun dancing and playing snow balls.

How to make a Play Dough Penguin

For these activities we used: white, brown, and orange play dough, a plastic knife, a rolling pin, a play dough mat.

My Firefly found white dough boring. She wanted to mix it with some light blue and pink, and added some purple glitter to it. So the pictures below show blue instead of white.

Penguins Body: Making a Cylinder from a Sausage Shape

Create a ball shape by rolling dough between the palms of your hand.

Roll the ball back and forth between the palms of your hands until it becomes longer and forms a thick sausage shape.

Place the dough onto the mat and continue rolling with the palm of one hand until it is about one inch thick.

Use a plastic knife to cut out a cylinder.

A brown slab: create a large ball shape, lay it on the table and flatten it with the palm of your hand. Use a rolling pin to flatten the slab more.

A square: use a plastic knife to draw a square in the slab. The square is a little larger then the cylinder.

Form a penguin: wrap the cylinder with your brown square with the upper corner over the head, two corners for the wings, and the forth corner extending behind the penguin.

Make a beak. Form or roll a small cone, or roll a small ball and cut it half way open (pictured below).

Creative Play with Play Dough: Dancing Penguin Craft

Decorate your dancing penguin. We made two orange ovals for the feet, placed them side by side, and put our penguin on top of them pushing down gently. Attach two tiny balls for eyes and a beak. The neck area is formed by gently pressing around with two fingers. the legs can be separated with the knife or left untouched.

First, our penguin loved playing snowballs. Then he got so happy - he started dancing. We tried putting legs apart or one in front of the other, moving his wings, laying him down, or upside down. What a jolly penguin we've got!

After all the dancing and playing, our penguin got hungry. He got a fish made from a snow ball. Everything is possible with some fun creative playing!

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